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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Modern Day Racism - Who is the enemy?

Is race still an issue ?
Who is the Enemy ?

     Technologically, we evolve at a rate almost immeasurable. America has a 2 term African American President. So why are we seeing News video of the police killing black folks, Riots and protest both peaceful and violent ? Civil disobedience and social discord ? 

      Why ? In an age of unlimited information and communication, innumerable 24 hour News Networks, on an almost entirely racially diverse and mixed planet, where so few "pure" unmixed bloodlines still exist, where's the rift, why the divide?

The answer is simple -  CONTROL 

Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Politics, Wealth, Religion, Gender. This is how they control us. By us, I mean humanity. To quote Anonymous Activist - "we have been torn apart and pit against each other - this is how they control us - it is time to unite". 

The stage is set by people who need control, who crave it like a life force. As the saying goes - Absolute power corrupts absolutely. All these seeds of discord have been planted to allow the Hierarchy to continue it's reign. To what end and for what purpose? To no end, and simply because of the self important, self righteous, egotistical need and greed for power and control & A long standing and inherited sense of entitlement

To some, a peaceful & harmonious Earth would be a dull, meaningless existence without the opulence, power, and privilege the world of corporate dependency provides.


MLK & son removing burnt cross from yard
Hotel owner pouring acid on family in whites only pool
Selma Protest


Baltimore Riots Begin

Ferguson Protest

Ferguson Riots

 It is hard to believe in things we can't see or haven't witnessed personally. Especially when it doesn't suite our cause or psyche. An uncomfortable reality is typically a denied reality. For a European (white) it can be unsettling to associate your flesh with what can feel like such an ugly past. From the Genocide of the Natives, to Slavery and abuse of power and privilege. Saying the European history is a bloody history would be a gross understatement. It is necessary to own it. When history is ignored, it's repeated. History doesn't define one man individually anymore than it does the other. No one deserves to be eternally defined by what their ancestors have done. The very same European stock that enslaved also liberated. There have always been whites and blacks willing to fight and die for each other - and what they consider their country.

All the tools of control I mentioned above can be thought of as blinders. Take the blinders off. Allow yourself some perspective. Regardless of  belief in a creator, or evolution - where ever you might fall - one fact remains profoundly absolute. Today, for one reason or another - you have a big beautiful brain. What practical function could a brain have but to use it ?? If you believe in a higher power or a creator, I beg you to see - logical, analytic thought is not blasphemous or sinful. It is o.k. to think. To research or inquire.  
I once believed the racist non-sense my father force fed me as a child. It was my perspective, gained through new life experiences, that taught me otherwise. Stereo-types can have subtle truths, they can also be painfully unfair & untrue. It is Ethnicity and Heritage that make us individuals, not define our worth as persons. From Space this can be seen clearly. WE are Mankind. WE are Humanity. A Collective Whole. 

Just this weekend an Autopsy was released
revealing Chicago police shot 
a 17 year old boy in the back
This has got to stop
Accountability must be forced

The United States has more incarcerated "criminals"
than any other nation in the world - and their all effectively subdued - 99.9% of the time, with non - lethal weapons and take downs. TRAINED tactical units are on call, when needed - and all of their activities are RECORDED. From the moment they assemble & begin preperation - to completion and resolution of the conflict. Un-arm the beat cops. Re-train our police including Conflict Resolution and non-lethal take downs. Too many people are dying at the hands of our police. Our laws and the people that govern them have swayed from what is good and right - to what is profitable. Lives are being ruined for the sake of profit.

What Can I Do ? 

There are endless ways to help. There are endless possibilities, as there are endless instances and types of racism and prejudice.

Do not tolerate racism in your presence
It takes courage 
but the truth must be spoken
even through quivering voices 
If you hear it - If you see it
Shut It Down
You will be amazed at the results

Know thy enemy

Be a Leader

Spread Love

This life we live,
this Human Condition,
can be endlessly enriched, 
despite the efforts of others,
through the spreading & giving 
of compassion

If you see something wrong
get involved
Record It 
Mediate the Conflict
Do what you can

May my words help to soften  hearts & open minds

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