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Friday, January 9, 2015


                                             '' WHY CASSIE JO HAD TO GO ''


      Meet Cassie Jo Stoddard, a 17 year old girl @ the time of her murder. She died from an approximated 30 stab wounds. Two ''friends'' that had been there earlier - Tori Adamcik & Brian Draper had re-entered the home through a rear basement door they had unlocked. From Cassie's perspective, she is house sitting after a normal day of school. Having probably considered the unsettling nature of being a teen girl house sitting alone in an isolated and empty house, that evening she was most assuredly comforted at the added presence of her male friends Tori and Brian - not to mention the added protection of her boyfriend. Her anxieties heighten when the electricity fails soon after Brian and Tori's departure. However - it's ok - it is soon back on and her boyfiend is calling his mother in an attempt to stay the night with Cassie. Imagine her despair when his request is denied and she soon finds herself alone, with the power out for a second time, in a cold dark house. She thinks she hears a noise, soon she knows it. Her heart can be felt beating in her face as the realization is made, someone is in the house, someone is here with me now, the power has gone out, and I am all alone. Her eyes have began to adjust but still the rooms shadows play their tricks, and then she sees it, two black masses at first - and then two distinctive shapes......                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


          So, why did "Cassie Jo Have To Go?" Apparently, because two bored, and at the time, extremely morbid teen boys, fancied her as perfect for the first victim in what they planned to be the start of a mass murdering spree.

           This case is as bizarre as it is tragic. A good portion of the teens conspiring is video taped or on paper. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence, and zero doubt of the pairs guilt. The needless and tragic loss of innocent life is palpable. So what's the catch here right, where is the Juvenile Justice Reform     ?

         There isn't one. No one's getting out of anything for free on this one. There is no free lunch. This one here is about rehabilitation. The defendants were children at the time of the murder  As kids tend to do, the pair continued to grow into their full physical, cognitive, and spiritual capacity. That is why, after all - it is unethical to lock away all children offenders for life.  The boys that murdered Cassie are now men, and the difference between them is as contrast as night and day. These guys have been in jail for almost a decade. My how time can change a man. Well, at least some men. You couldn't pay me to back the release of Tori Adamcik. From what I know of the Department of Corrections policies, and more particularly the State Parole Board, the very wording of their mission statement to the public forbids it. It is painfully evident both Tori and his parents avoid taking ANY
accountability for Tori's role in the slaying. In fact they openly deny it and instead heap all blame squarely on the shoulders of his co-defendant Brian Draper. One needn't peer deeply to see Tori has yet to use even a single day of his incarceration for good. Brian on the the hand, is a virtual picture of regret, remorse, accountability, and rehabilitation. When he speaks of the crime, or Cassie Jo Stoddard, in any light, you can see the weight of his guilt. He should feel guilty. He helped to extinguish the life of a vibrant & young 16 year old girl. Neither of the boys had any of the stereo typical reasons to have committed the crime they had. Both came from modest households, free from abuse, economic hardship, and strife. They had the caring, loving supervision of parents and knew not the pains of neglect or abandonment. However, while Brian openly admits his part in the crime - and visibly struggles with that realization, he has progressed through his acceptance and guilt, to the point of now attempting to live and behave in a manner becoming to the honoring the memory of Cassie Jo Stoddard.
        Tori on the other hand, claims full innocence and zero responsibility. You can witness his own parents force feed him this ridiculous notion. Watching it, you get a sense of how such a detached child came into existence in the first place.
       It's sad to witness, isn't it ? These parents obviously and desperately cling to the belief that there precious baby boy could never have been a participant in such a gruesome murder. Tori seems more than happy to play along, having become devoid of independent thought from years of excessive co-dependant coddling from his parents.

 Affluenza - children who have a sense of entitlement, are irresponsible, and make excuses for poor behavior because their parents have not set proper boundaries.

     It is the respectful opinion of The Creative Convict Gallery that Brian Draper be a considerable candidate for parole or clemency, as he has successfully and repeatedly shown a behavior and attitude consistent with rehabilitation, and a demeanor essential to maintaining a crime free and productive life. In light of his undeniable regret and remorse for the murder of Cassie Jo Stoddard, and in consideration of his having been a still developing, and impressionable child at the time of the offense - i'd humbly offer the realization of there no longer being a measurable benefit to the continued confinement of Brian Draper. It can be said in good faith that he is no longer a threat to the state, nor presently a danger to himself.


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