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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


''The Perfect Storm''

Nathan Ybanez


     Erik Jensen     


                                       I present to you The Perfect Storm

          I know , I know....what a tired, worn out statement. You wouldn't understand unless you know all the details. Watch the link and you'll see why I've used the title that I have. If you haven't heard this story, and if you've followed this blog chronologically, this one should hold your attention. If nothing else it will leave you thinking about the current state of our legal system or feeling blessed to be free and unmolested. This case, more than any, left me wishing I had a law degree and unlimited financial resources.
           Nathan Ybanez was different. He acted different. Not always, mostly just concerning his mom. He always had to check in and needed excuse after excuse to get out. Despite that, he had a good friendship with Erik Jensen. Erik was from a nice family. A Suburbia family with money, and a strong sense of unity. By all other standards, Erik and Nathan typically wouldn't have been friends, having both hailed from different sides of the track. Erik liked Nathan though, and invited him to be guitarist in his Punk Rock band "Troublebound " shortly after being introduced.
         Nathan feared his father's violent temper, but his relationship with his mother was the source of even greater suffering and confusion. Julie was extremely controlling of his behavior -- she was known to tap his phone and follow him when he went out -- and her emotional instability led to a warped and abusive relationship with her son. She would call Nate when he was out with friends, begging him to come home to comfort her, Nate recalled. "A lot of times she would bring that down to the level [of], you know, you don't want to come home because you don't love me, or stuff like that,"
       With his father away, Julie's neediness grew into sexual abuse. "A lot of times it would happen like this," Nathan is quoted. "She's crying or something's sad, so I don't like to see her cry, so I ask her what's wrong. I try to get her to talk about whatever it was that was making her sad, and a lot of times it would involve me coming and giving her hugs and staying in bed with her and letting her unload. And a few times that evolved into her doing sexual things to me that she shouldn't have been doing."
       "I knew that it wasn't right, but I wasn't sure about my place in the whole area of what was going on with my family and the world in general. I'd been kept apart from a lot of outside things," Nate added. "These kind of things [sexual abuse] make me feel like I wish I could cut off my own skin. That's how I feel. Even today. So I don't like talking about them.
          With credit to Erik, he did the right thing. He told his mother what was happening to his friend. They called Child Protective Services, who claim to have no record of the call. At the time of the call however, CPS claimed they would file a report, but cautioned not to expect results as most teenage boys are considered capable of fending for themselves. There are even documented instances of Nathan fleeing his home, in his boxers, only to be returned by the police a short while later. because sadly Nathan was scared, and too manipulated to tell.
         Naturally. the next progression would be to have Nathan over at Eriks as much as possible, in an attempt to protect him from further abuse, if nothing else. Then one evening, while Erik waited in the car outside for his friend to grab a change of clothes, Nathan snapped. As happens most often in parricide cases, he reached his breaking point. While I don't believe it is documented in court transcript, I think Nathans mother must have started her routine on him, maybe even turned it up a notch as a result of Nathans reoccurring absences and widening distance from the home. I believe she attempted to force herself on him again, and he broke. He lost it.
           After some time Erik figured he had best check on his friend and see what the hold up was. He had no idea Nathan had just killed his mother. They did not drive there with that intent. Faced with this reality once upstairs, Erik reacted as best as he knew how, considering the circumstances. He helped his friend clean up, and load his mothers dead body in the trunk of her car. It didn't take long for authorities to discover the crime. Young Nathan was found early the next morning, standing outside the car, lost and weeping.
         Nathan and Erik were both sentenced to LWOP and have served 17 years thus far. Nathan has always maintained Erik's innocence and extremely limited involvement in the murder and death of his mother. Look at their intake pictures at the top of the blog, they were still babies. Now look at the pictures below. I would hire either one of them today to work for me, on the spot. Would you? Neither of these men were career criminals, or the very worst of the worst, as all JLWOP cases in the United States are promised to be, under Geneva treaty. Both maintain exemplary conduct records in prison, Why should these two remain victims of circumstance? Who benefits from the continued loss and waste of vibrant, young life? This is a classic Parricide case, and an epic fail on behalf of The Colorado Justice System.
         The you-tube video I have linked is not my property or creation. I know the details of this case well, and the video shown here is an accurate and fair description of the events concerning the case. There is also an 11 part Pbs Frontline series available on you-tube entitled ''When kids get Life" that is very informative and exhaustive in it's detailing of the case. If by the grace of God, anyone ever reads this and is moved to the point of action, please feel free to participate however you see fit. You could plant a seed today that could germinate into unlimited possibilities for someone tomorrow. One could do anything, from sending an informal request for clemency to a governor - to becoming conscious of local politics and using your right to vote. If cash is your thing, the parents of Erik Jensen run a non-profit for juvenile justice @ This would also be the greatest link to information regarding the case and it's current status, as it's essentially straight from the source. Nathan is set to release a collection of 150 poems and paintings through Amazon called "Lyrical Vagabonds" later this year. Both Nathan and Erik are able to receive letters of support and encouragement, and their address can be found with a simple Google or Colorado D.O.C. search.



                                                                                                                                                                    Erik Jensen
   Nathan Ybanez


                                                Love and Respect to all who deserve it ! 

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