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Wednesday, December 31, 2014



              par·ri·cide  =    the killing of a parent or                                                                                 other near relative                    

          In July of 2006 the U.S. was called upon to testify before a Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland. They wanted America to explain how it could be part of their International Treaty or ''Covenant'' on Civil & Political Rights - one that is implicitly opposed to Juvenile Death & Life Without Parole Sentences, and forbids it entirely - yet have over 200 times the amount of  juvenile LWOP inmates than the rest of the entire world combined.  To be exact, the numbers were Americas 2,225 to the rest of the worlds 12.  The response by the U.S. Delegation ? ''The child offenders that received this sentence, were the worst of the worst''. This was claimed in attempt to meet a reservation the U.S. had applied within the treaty, to allow exceptions for the most extreme of circumstances, with the assurance that only the most hardened of criminals would apply. 
           Sadly, the truth is that a very large percentage of these kids are not hardened criminals, and most of them are quite a long ways from being the ''worst of the worst". In all actuality, a huge amount of these kids are first time offenders. Especially in instances of parricide. In consideration of this, I think a more honest and realistic answer for the committee in Geneva
would have been as follows.  
        "We believe many variables have led to our having violated the terms we agreed to honor and observe so grossly. Considering the complexity of the aforementioned cases and the vastness of our legal system, it would be fair to assume there have been mistakes and oversights made along the way. We have often times a blood thirsty and vengeance hungry public, family, and the victims to consider. We have over zealous Prosecutors and District Attorneys all looking to make a name and a headline, not to mention their re-elections. The list of possibilities and variables is endless, and irregardless of what they may be, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to this International Treaty, as well as extend our deepest Thanks to the Committee for bringing this to our awareness.'' "Furthermore - every attempt will be made to immediately identify and amend every instance of  the known and unknown violations of this treaty as amicably as possible.'' Ha ha - Imagine seeing that kind of accountability and professional courtesy from a United States Representative !  We can always dream....if nothing else.

           A phenomenon worth mention, especially concerning Parricide cases, is the ''Overkill Factor." This is the instance of an offender going way beyond what's necessary to cause death or serious injury, to the point of desecration or mutilation. This creates the illusion of the perpetrator being a literal monster. One obviously well beyond reproach or rehabilitation. From what I have observed and witnessed, it's caused from extreme instances of physical and sexual abuse. The years and years of despair and pain, hopelessness and torment, all suffered at the hands of a trusted guardian, climax suddenly and violently during a temporary psychosis.
          It is my belief that all of the factors I entertained in the above paragraphs were at work during the conviction of the then juvenile Jacob Ind, for his part in the murder of his parents. Fifteen year old Jacob had endured 11 years of abuse from his mother and step dad. The step dad would at times sneak up on the boy as a booty bandit in prison would operate, hurling him into a room to quickly beat him into submission, then bind and rape him. All while his own mother gave him routine enemas and told him he deserved it, even insisting if he ever told the cops the cops would come and give them a medal because even they knew what a horrible person Jacob was. His older brother, who had also suffered the abuse, went to social services in attempt to save Jacob once he was able to move out. Amazingly, despite their reassurance to the contrary, CPS failed to act or even investigate. This is one rare instance where there were several cries for help and pleas for intervention, that when heeded could have saved lives, but instead went ignored. Jacob himself is quoted as saying ''I raised every red flag I could & nobody paid me any attention.'' Now, because Jacob, a child who's suffered more than imaginable, whose cries for help went unheard and ignored, made the poor choice of lashing out and murdering his parents when he was just a kid, will sit and rot in jail for the rest of his natural life. Even despite all the transgressions against him, and regardless of the impossible forgiveness he extends his abusers and the growth he shows as a man and young adult while in prison. 

           Where is the justice in a case like this? The whole thing is one tremendous injustice against Jacob Ind. Revenge is not justice. Vengeance is not justice, and an eye for an eye will surely leave the world blind.
             Today, Jacob Ind has exhausted all of his appeals. Any remaining hopes he had at an existence outside of being a sexual assault / abuse victim or convicted murderer are now forever extinguished. Aside from those things and murdering the savages that mistreated him, the only thing Jacob Ind ever did was be born - into a world that hurts and rejects him at every turn. To be 100% clear, those are my words- not Jacobs. To this day Jacob Ind shows full accountability and responsibility for his actions. Despite how easy it would be for him to have become eternally jaded and angry with the world, he continues to show both growth and acceptance concerning his experiences. Obviously the scales of justice are way off balance. How can we fix a system beyond reproach? One that refuses to admit it's broken?

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